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You may have noticed that the website has been spruced up a bit.  There is a new home page and I have added some images from my trip to Jamaica in May. My About page has a new photo, too.    I have included a bonus image in this post, "Sunset on My River."   Living in the southeast US, I am looking forward to a change to cooler weather so that I can do some shooting and add another gallery of images.



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Casting the Nets on the Lady Jane I recently created a photo book chronicling my experiences on the Lady Jane, a retired shrimping vessel in Brunswick, Georgia.  My newest gallery is a selection of images from that book.



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"Quarry" First place winner at the Annette Howell Turner Center for the Arts, Valdosta, Georgia, Digital Arts/Photography category Spring Into Art Exhibition.  The image was made in November while on my first hog hunt near my home in Woodbine, Georgia.  I have to admit I did not hunt the hog.  I waited on the boat on the banks of the Satilla River while my friend with his hunting companion followed the dogs, and captured the hog.  My only contribution was capturing it in-camera.


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Scotland On the last day of a recent two-week, 1700-mile sojourn through Scotland with a side trip to Northern Ireland I finally had the opportunity to get a close-up of the Highland "wee coo" Cow.  It was a very gentle creature and came close enough for me to touch the beautiful horns.  I have no doubt, however,  that great damage could be done with that thing and was glad for the fence separating the two of us.  More images of this spectacularly scenic country can be seen in my Scotland gallery.  

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Narcissus papyraeus - Three views.
  • Narcissus papyraceus
  • Narcissus papyraceus, one of a few species known as "Paperwhite," is a perennial bulbous plant native to the Mediterranean region. The white flowers are borne in bunches and are strongly fragrant. Wikipedia

A Christmas gift I received and forced into bloom provided me with the subject matter for this week's blog post.  The third view is a recent addition to my Pinhole Effect gallery. 

Can be found in the Pinhole Effect Gallery.

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More experimentation. This week I experimented with a photo of my winter hydrangeas, the last ones before the big freeze in Georgia.  It is iPhoneography (taken with an iPhone) using an app named Camera+.

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‘I did not think; I experimented.’ — Wilhelm Konrad von Röentgen Wilhelm Konrad von Röntgen was a German physicist who won the first Nobel Prize in Physics in 1901 for producing and detecting electromagnetic radiation in a wavelength range today know as X-rays. (Wickipedia) 

Many times experimentation produces pleasing results.  This is a photo of the Sidney Lanier Bridge in Brunswick, Georgia taken while sailing under it in October of 2009.  In recently re-visiting the shot, I made it entirely abstract while experimenting with different blending modes in a Photoshop plug-in.  


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Happy New Year Georgia-style!

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More about Tulips I have added the rest of the series of Tulip photographs I last wrote about in the "Transcendence" gallery.  I named it such because it truly was a study of tulips and how their beauty could be transformed by light.  I am happy to report that I entered  "Tulips II" in the International Fine Art Photo Competition this year and it won a Juror Award of Merit.  This was quite an honor to be chosen by one or more of a panel of distinguished jurors as one their ten favorite images in the category Landscape/Seascape/Nature.  There were nearly 5000 images in the competition.  The image is featured in their online gallery  Motivation to keep working!

Tulips II

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Tulips I received a pot of tulip bulbs this Christmas and it was such a treat to watch them grow from bud to full bloom and beyond right on my kitchen counter.  When they were somewhere close to their peak I was inspired to shoot about 65 images.  The new gallery addition to the site, "Tulips," contains nine of fifteen images that comprise a new portfolio.  (More to follow).  I realized when converting some of the images to black and white that the antique plate process effect in Silver Efex Pro 2, lent an ethereal quality to the grace and texture of each bloom.  I would be interested to know what kind of emotional response they create for you.  Enjoy!

Tulips I

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New additions to the gallery. There are two new additions in my gallery.  The first is in the Pinhole Effect collection.  The second is a new photo in Lines.

A word about Pinhole effect:

Pinhole  photography is lensless photography. A tiny hole replaces the lens. Light passes through the hole; an image is formed in the camera.  Basically a pinhole camera is a light-tight box with a tiny hole in one end and film or photographic paper in the other and  can be homemade with an oatmeal box.  The resulting  images are softer – less sharp – than pictures made with a lens. The images have nearly infinite depth of fieldand they tolerate little enlargement.

The photos in my Pinhole Effect collection are digital and converted using a software called SilverEfex Pro.  I love the softer quality of the print (however, I do sharpen the image) and the way the light focuses on the subject with the edges darkened.  I chose a border for the photos which suggests they were hand printed and I print them on inkjet photo paper that resembles traditional fine art photography. I have chosen not to digitally enlarge the prints beyond what would have been acceptable with film.  They are 6" x 9". 

A folio of the six prints, unsigned, can be purchased for $95. Individual signed and numbered prints are $125.  Contact me on my contact page.

You can learn more about pinhole photography at

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Lines Welcome and thanks for reading my first photo blog post. In the latest addition to a new black and white series of photos, I captured this large line holding a shrimp boat on Jekyll Island, Georgia. The low key rendering makes it a dramatic abstract.  See more in the series under Collections>Lines. Heavy

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