21.Peter Bastian(non-registered)
Wow! "Casting the Nets on the Lady Jane" is an excellent collection. Well Done! I hope to visit and enjoy in person sometime soon.
20.Pat Crews(non-registered)
Pleasure to see some of your artwork Deb! Amazing! I am inspired!
19.David Retterbush MD(non-registered)
Enjoyed your exhibit today at the Turner Art Center. Very nice!
Thanks for sharing your trip and your work of love!
16.Pat Bailey(non-registered)
I can only imagine the hours put into your photography. It is truly a work of art. You are truely blessed with this gift. Thanks for sharing.
15.Rhetta Sutton(non-registered)
Thanks for the invite. I have always loved your perspective on the world. You do beautiful work.
14.Linda Williams(non-registered)
Wow, Deb! Love the black and white with punches of red!
13.Jane Szelist(non-registered)
Stunning photography! Thank you!
12.Marian Rice (Mom)(non-registered)
I really enjoyed the pictures, good job. I love the white bird you caught in flight.
8.Sally Bennett(non-registered)
What a pleasure to view .... Photographer envy! Awesome photos!!
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